Teddy Bear Corner (TBC) is owned and operated by Cindy Reardon, a Registered Nurse with over 40 years experience in Pediatrics. She also has her elementary education degree. TBC has been providing education to the area youth for over 25 years. We currently employ a staff of 5. Each teacher and aid is kind, gentle, and very understanding of early childhood development.

Our first goal at Teddy Bear Corner is to build each child's self-esteem and self-confidence. We accomplish this by using praise and hugs. We want each child to feel important and loved. We make learning fun for everyone.

At TBC we choose a theme for each week. The program is built around this theme. The Nursery class colors and paints with a different color and traces and finds a different shape each week. The Preschool classes trace and print an alphabet letter every day and they cut with scissors every day.

Our snacks reflect our color or theme. We also make art projects, sing songs, play games, and have story time each class session. Weekly Readers are shared each week. Book Orders are available each month. Parents receive a weekly Newsletter detailing the week's plans and upcoming events. See our calendar of activities for more information.


Our Monday-Wednesday-Friday classes are usually for the four and five year olds. These students will be attending Kindergarten the next year. We work with this class on pre-kindergarten readiness skills: cutting, following directions, the alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors, science classes, socials studies, fine motor skills, letter sounds, visual perception, and having fun.

Our Tuesday-Thursday classes are for the three year old students who will be attending Kindergarten in two years. We work on socialization, sharing, listening, following directions, gross motor skills, making friends, beginning learning skills, numbers, shapes, colors, and having fun.

We hope each child discovers that learning can be fun. When we make pancakes, each child stirs the batter, pours it on the grill, flips the pancakes, eats them, and helps to clear up. They are learning how to work together as a group, follow directions, take turns, develop patience, and strengthen their self-control.

Cindy Reardon

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